Class D



Handbuilt in Italy
La classe D italiana "custom" 

In recent years, technological advances in digital matters have greatly influenced the hi-fi industry. In particular, in audio amplifications, these advances have resulted in the birth and development of digital class operation (D) who initially joined and then equaled the performance of traditional analog classes (A and AB) based on thermionic tubes and transistors.

The main advantage of a class-D amplifier is the high efficiency that allows to obtain high power output even with relatively small modules and free of heavy enclosures and huge heat sinks.

Many hi-fi manufactorers repositioned their business on the class D, but using technology already developed by other companies such as, for example, ICEpower, PASCAL AUDIO, Hypex and Anaview.

These companies, called OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), have become the real protagonists of the market and the modules to their products are now also used by the most renowned hi-fi brands such as B & O, Jeff Rowland, Bel Canto, Gato Audio, Aavik, and so on.
For the most careful audiophile this means that now the choice of an audio amplifier depends on the OEM amplifier module used and not by the trade mark affixed by hi-fi manufacturer (whose characterizing intake is increasingly based on the aesthetic design of the final product).


Hence our idea to create a custom audio amplifier, allowing the customer to starting right from the selection of the internal module, forming the nucleus of electronic amplifier which employs the reliability and audio performance. In addition to OEM modules, whose sale is reserved for hi-fi manufacturers, there are of course also on the market modules for the DIY sector and purchased directly by homebuilders.In both cases it is still compact modules and relatively simple to install which are designed as a plug & play devices often come with integrated power supply type SMPS (list amplifier modules).

Selected amplifier module, the second step concerns the choice of the aluminum enclosure where to install it. In each of the module's description are indicated the types of chassis used and the standard of achievable power amp models.



S  T  U  D  I  O





Finally you can choose and select any accessories, such as signal connectors and binding posts, power outlets, internal wiring, switches, VU-meter and more.

The "ACCESSORIES" menu shows the various types of input connectors (RCA and XLR) and of binding posts that can be used in the amplifier.
You can add signal attenuators and customize the front panels with all kinds of engraves.

Surely this different approach to the purchase of an audio amplifier requires a minimum of listening experience and a knowledge of the market. Otherwise our staff is always available to provide any support and useful advice in this regard.


The Rouge amplifiers, for the reasons given, are made exclusively on order. The times and the costs of realization vary according to the chosen components.