The expected ICEPOWER 1200AS2 module finally arrives on the OEM market based on the new ICEedge technology (thanks to which the temperature, voltage and current of the amplifier is continuously monitored with the activation of a multi-layer alarm and protection system if the operating conditions are close at the protection limit). It is a module that combines a PFC type SMPS power supply with two high power and quality class D amplifiers. It does not require the addition of external interfaces since the buffer on board ensures an adequate input impedance. The aluminum base on which the PCB is mounted allows good heat dissipation without the need for the addition of heavy passive heat sinks.

  • Output power one channel driven: 1200W (4Ω), 600W (8Ω)

  • Output power two channel driven: 700W (4Ω), 600W (8Ω)

  • Distorsion THD + N (1W/1kHz) = 0.005 %

  • Minimum load impedance = 2.7 Ω

  • Dynamic range = 129db

  • SNR = 135db

  • Frequency Response  3hz-50Khz  

  • Voltage Gain 25,8db

  • Input Impedance 38Kohm 

  • Output idle noise (A) = 25mV

  • Maximum output current 38A

A Class D amplifier includes several secondary functions, such as analog comparators and high-precision operational amplifiers, high-voltage gate drivers and high-current MOSFETs, each with different requirements. Putting everything on one die is an important compromise because a semiconductor process simply can not be optimized for so many conflicting requirements. Instead, ICEpower used a highly sophisticated low noise and high precision process for the controller that contains all the sensitive analog parts in the signal chain, such as operational amplifiers, comparators, etc.


• Subwoofers

• High-end stereo and multi-channel amplifiers

• Active 2 and 3 way speakers

• Bass amplifiers  

• PA speakers and line arrays