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1ET400A is a single-channel, ultra-high performance, analog-input Class D Amplifier module capable of over 400W of power at an audio quality level that sets the standard for power amplifiers of any operating class. Its compact size and high reliability makes it fit a broad range of applications, while its audio quality makes it the undisputable choice even in applications where all the premium is on sound quality. PURIFI’s continuing research into nonlinear control theory has produced the first mathematically exact largesignal model of self-oscillating amplifier controllers. This breakthrough allows complete optimization of the feedback circuit and improves performance by at least an order of magnitude over existing implementations. The amplifier module further incorporates a comprehensive protection system that makes it tremendously robust and easy to integrate.

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Output Power: 450W (2Ω), 450W (4Ω), 227 (8WΩ)

Output Current: ~ 25A

THD + N: <0.00017% (~ 116dB) @ 100W, 4Ω, 20-20kHz

Dynamic Range: ~ 131dB (A)

Output Noise: 11.5μV (A)

Gain: 12.8dB

Output Impedance: <65μΩ @ 1kHz

Efficiency:> 94%

Idle losses (outpt stage): ~ 1.7W