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ICEpower2000AS2 HV is a fully integrated audio power amplifier module including universal mains ErP and Energy Star compliant power supply. HV stands for High speaker output Voltage. The 2000AS2 combines a single-stage PFC converter with a 2x 2000 W high performance, ICEedge based class D amplifier. Besides extreme audio performance and power, it also features monitor outputs for amplifier temperature, voltage, and current output. The DC hanger bus can be used for powering additional amplifiers. Perfect for professional dual subwoofers, 2-way and 3-way speakers as well as high-end consumer active speakers or high-end stereo amplifiers.

  • One channel driven power output: 2000W (4Ω), 1400W (8Ω)

  • Two channel driven power output: 1000W (4Ω), 1000W (8Ω)

  • Distorsion THD + N (10W / 1kHz) = 0.001%

  • Minimum load impedance = 3 Ω

  • Dynamic range = 127db

  • Frequency Response  3hz-40Khz  

  • Voltage Gain 29.7db

  • Input Impedance 38Kohm  

  • Output idle noise (A) = 38 µV (A)  

  • Maximum output current 38A