ICEpower 700AS2 is a fully integrated, compact and efficient two-channel audio power conversion solution. The 700AS2 board combines an efficient resonant LLC converter with a massive continuous power capability with 2x 700 W of great sounding ICEpower class D amplifiers. Despite the name, the ability to handle low impedances means the 700AS is capable of a solid 1000 W per channel into 2.7 Ω loads. The 700AS2 features a DC hanger bus, enabling it to power a 300A1 hanger module for 3-way active professional or hifi speakers. 

  • Output power: 2x550W (4Ω), 2x370W (8Ω)

  • Distorsion THD + N (1W/1kHz) = 0.006 %

  • Minimum load impedance = 2.5 Ω

  • Dynamic range = 117db

  • Frequency Response  1.5hz-70Khz  

  • Voltage Gain 27,4db

  • Input Impedance 36Kohm 

  • Output idle noise (A) = 70mV

  • Maximum output current 30A

ICEpower700AS1 and ICEpower700ASX are fully integrated, compact and efficient one -channel audio power conversion solution. It's available in two variants:

  • ICEpower700AS1 supports universal mains operation and complies to ErP and Energy Star® requirements;

  • ICEpower700ASX is designed for applications where standby converter and universal mains operation are not required.

ICEpower700AS1 and 700ASX (hereafter called ICEpower700AS1/X) are designed for highly competitive consumer and professional audio products, e.g. subwoofers, A/V amplifiers, active speakers and multi way systems. ICEpower700AS1/X are EMC and safety pre-approved including amplifier hanger options. 


• Subwoofers

• High-end stereo and multi-channel amplifiers

• Active 2 and 3 way speakers

• Bass amplifiers  

• PA speakers and line arrays


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