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In recent years, technological advances have greatly influenced the hi-fi industry as well. In audio amplifications, these advances have resulted in a big development of switching amplifiers (class D) which initially flanked and then equaled the performances of the traditional analog operating classes (A and AB).


Many audio amplifier manufacturers have thus convinced themselves to reposition their business on class D, however using the technology already developed by other companies such as, for example, ICEPOWER, PASCAL AUDIO, HYPEX, PURIFI and POWERSOFT.

hypex nc1200

These companies, referred to as OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer), are now the real protagonists of the market and the modules they produce are used by the most renowned hi-fi brands, such as B&O, NAD, Marantz, Primare, Jeff Rowland, Bel Canto, Gato Audio, AAvik.


The main advantage of a class D amplifier is the very high efficiency which allows to obtain high powers even with relatively small modules and enclosures without heavy and bulky heat sinks.

Hence our idea of creating a custom modular audio amplifier, allowing the customer to start right from the choice of the internal module, which is the electronic core of the amplifier on which reliability and audio performance depend.


Rouge Audio Design was the first company, since 2016, to realize and market audio power amplifiers according to this system called Building Blocks Audiophile Amplifiers.

We realize the implementations of these modules and the design of the final product which can still be personalized according to the customer requests. This allows us to create customized and technologically innovative audio amplifiers at competitive prices

rouge workshop

Our amplifiers are handmade, handcrafted engraved with heavy pantographs without the use of industrial numerical control machines (CNC). An ancient way of working metal that makes the final product unique and inimitable.

We only use selected and high quality components. However, the customer can choose to customize the Rouge amplifier in every single part, including internal wiring, input connectors, binding posts, AC sockets, leds and so on.


"Class d is perhaps one of the few relatively recent innovations in audio amplification. Born, as often happens, to meet the needs of the professional world, it has very specific characteristics:

  • weights and low consumption

  • high power

  • great reliability

Over the years it has achieved a fine sound quality. For an extremely competitive price you can buy amplifiers that can deliver all the power you need. Rouge Audio will simply "package" you a customizable product from the cabinet to the connectors that meets your technical and aesthetic needs."


Francesco Taddei, Digital AF 27.10.2020

Rouge Audio Design S.r.l.s.
Via Luigi Calamatta n.16
00196 - ROMA  (ITALY)
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