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Dual mono class D power amplifier based on the Hypex NC1200 boards. Definitely one of the most complete and performing power amplifiers in our arsenal with a really interesting quality-price ratio. Until 2018 an amplifier based on this technology had a market price of no less than 10,000.00 euros and only a few  hi-end brands had the opportunity to use it.


Musical features:

  • crystalline and deep bass: this is not the usual boom but a depth of definition that makes the presentation unique and touching. The amplifier has always the maximum control of the speakers thanks to the high damping factor;

  • clarity and detail: the hyper detail of this amplifier is not artificial since all the instruments, although superbly isolated, are also coherently blended together;

  • tonal fidelity: it does not add or remove the smallest fragment of musical information; well-recorded music is incredibly transparent and dynamic and seems to be drawn against the backdrop of the cosmic-black void;

  • sound image: wide and deep, the images are accurately blocked and surgical authority.


The PSU is based on  two Hypex SMPS1200A700 boards, one for each channel.

Hi-grade full aluminium chassis with lateral heatsink. All the panels are handmade engraved.

CNC silver feet (55mm).

Balanced and unbalanced inputs (selectable via switch) with passive RCB v2 internal PCB mounted on anticorodal plates (aluminum, magnesium and silicon alloy). 

Shaffner EMI/RFI filter.

WBT or Furutech binding posts.

Trigger (option)


- Ouput power: 2x1200W(2Ω), 2x700W (4Ω), 2x400W (8Ω)

- Distorsion THD + N: 0,004% (20Hz<f<20kHz, 4Ω. Pout<PR/2)

- Power Bandwidth typ 20-35Khz

- Frequency Response  0-50Khz  (+0/-3dB. All loads.)

- Voltage Gain 27.8db
- DM Input Impedance 94Kohm
- SNR 128db
- PSRR 80db
- Output noise 20mV
- CMRR 65db all frequency
- Maximum output current: 40A

- High Line Input Voltage: 190-250Vac

- Low Line Input Voltage: 95-130Vac

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ALAUDA DM-1200 : the power stage has the input buffers developed by Hypex on the NC1200 modules: op-amp LM4562 and HxR voltage regulators. The input impedance is 98Kohm.


ALAUDA DM-1200 NCX : the amplifier is implemented, on each channel, with the Rouge NCX2 for the management of the buffer stage. The NCX2, by default, uses the TI OPA1612,  the best IC's on the market for transparency and sound clarity (without adding color) whose DC power is supplied by the NC1200 module via the HxR voltage regulators. The NCX2, via a DIP8 socket, can also work with discrete op-amps like SPARCOS SS3602 ot SIL 994 Enh-Ticha. The user can always choose and select at any time which configuration prefer for his setup (OPA1612 or the one installed on DIP8).


The input impedance is 47Kohm.
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