Class D dual mono power amplifier based on two Hypex NC500 boards. Thanks to this technology the amplifier is ultra-linear, with almost non-existent noise and distortion (even lower than an high quality class A or class AB power amplifier) and  can handle the most difficult loads thanks to an ultra-low output impedance. Two Hypex SMPS1200A700 for power supply. Mounting plate. Full silver aluminium chassis with CNC silver feet (55mm).

Balanced and unbalanced inputs gold plated. EMI/RFI filter (Shaffner). WBT 0708cu binding posts or others  WBT with or without extracharge.


ncx2 nc500.jpeg

The Alauda DM-500 NCX uses, on the input and output stages, the Rouge NCX2  boards. The buffer is based on OPA1612 operational amplifiers and TI TPS voltage regulators.  But you can add on dip 8 a discrete op-amp (like SPARKOS or SIL) and HxR voltage regulators, selecting by jumpers the setup preferred. The frontplate of the amplifier has 6 leds with the function of monitoring, for each channel, when the amplifier is on, when it is ready for music playback and when it is gone clipping. Power button on the rear or front panel.


This amplifier is equipped with the NCX2 i/o board which offers  the possibility of adding discrete op-amps and voltage regulators.

The NCX2, in default, always uses the OPA1612 in the buffer stage, perhaps among the best IC's on the market for transparency and clarity of sound (without adding color), whose power is entrusted to the small and fast TI TPS7 voltage regulators ( LDO).

Basically, therefore, the same circuit as the previous NCX.


The new feautures, which makes NCX2 unique, is that it is nevertheless designed to add a discrete op-amp  on DIP8 and the Hypex HxR audiophile voltage regulators.

This "addition", however, does not replace the default setting of the circuit and its basic components (OPA1612 + TI TPS7) since, by moving the appropriate jumpers on the board, the user can always choose and select in any moment the combination (operational-voltage regulator) he prefers:

  • OPA1612 with TPS7 voltage regulators,

  • OPA1612 with HxR voltage regulators,

  • discrete opa with TPS7 voltage regulators,

  • discrete opa with HxR voltage regulators.



- Ouput power: 2x550W(2Ω), 2x700W (4Ω), 2x400W (8Ω)

- Distorsion THD + N: 0,005% (20Hz<f<20kHz, 4Ω. Pout<PR/2)

- Power Bandwidth min. 35Khz

- Frequency Response  0-50Khz  (+0/-3dB. All loads.)

- Voltage Gain:  26 db 
- Input Impedance: 47KΩ 
- SNR 35db
- PSRR 85db
- Output noise 20mV
- CMRR 65db all frequency
- Maximum output current: 28A

- High Line Input Voltage: 190-250Vac

- Low Line Input Voltage: 95-130Vac


CHASSIS: anodized silver aluminium

SIZE: 430x320x99mm


OUTPUT: 4 x WBT 0708cu

EMI/RFI filter: Shaffner  FN280