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Class D mono power amplifier based on the HYPEX NC2K module, the most powerful of the Ncore series. Thanks to this technology the amplifier is ultra-linear, has levels of noise and distortion that are almost non-existent (even lower than those typical of the highest quality A or B classes) and can also handle the most difficult loads thanks to a 'ultra-low output impedance. With its 2500 W on 4 ohms with just 0.002% of harmonic distortion and an output noise of just 18µV, this amplifier stands at the top of its class for power and sonic quality.

The sound signatures are similar to those of an NC1200:

  • crystalline and deep bass: this is not the usual boom but a depth of definition that makes the presentation unique and touching. The amplifier has always the maximum control of the speakers thanks to the high damping factor;

  • clarity and detail: the hyper detail of this amplifier is not artificial since all the instruments, although superbly isolated, are also coherently blended together;

  • tonal fidelity: it does not add or remove the smallest fragment of musical information; well-recorded music is incredibly transparent and dynamic and seems to be drawn against the backdrop of the cosmic-black void;

  • sound image: wide and deep, the images are accurately blocked and surgical authority.


The switching power supply is entrusted to the Hypex SMPS3KA700 module which is capable of delivering an enormous amount of current (up to 3600W). The i / o board is the special high performance ROUGE NCX2 that allows the choice between operational IC (OPA1612) and discrete components (SPARKOS, SIL or others), the assembly of HxR voltage regulators and the continuous monitoring of the status of the amplifier (on-ready-clip). Balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) input selectable via switch. Schaffner EMI / RFI filter.

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This power amplifier is equipped with the NCX2 i/o board which offers  the possibility of adding discrete op-amps and voltage regulators.

The NCX2, in default, always uses the OPA1612 in the buffer stage, perhaps among the best IC's on the market for transparency and clarity of sound (without adding color), whose power is entrusted to the small and fast TI TPS7 voltage regulators ( LDO).

Basically, therefore, the same circuit as the previous NCX.

ncx2 + hypex nc2k.jpg

The new feautures, which makes NCX2 unique, is that it is nevertheless designed to add a discrete op-amp  on DIP8 and the Hypex HxR audiophile voltage regulators.

This "addition", however, does not replace the default setting of the circuit and its basic components (OPA1612 + TI TPS7) since, by moving the appropriate jumpers on the board, the user can always choose and select in any moment the combination (operational-voltage regulator) he prefers:

  • OPA1612 with TPS7 voltage regulators,

  • OPA1612 with HxR voltage regulators,

  • discrete components operational with TPS7 voltage regulators,

  • operational components with discrete components with HxR voltage regulators.

The power supply is entrusted to the powerful switching PSU  Hypex SMPS3KA700 capable of delivering 3600W ( High Line Input Voltage: 190-250Vac,  Low Line Input Voltage: 95-130Vac,  Output Voltage: 2x85Vdc,  Max. Output power at 230Vac: 3600W.   Switching Frequency: 100kHz)    
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Hypex NC2K + Rouge NCX2

Technical specifications

Output power: 2000W (2Ω), 2500W (4Ω), 1600W (8Ω)

Distorsion THD + N: 0,002% 

Input impedance: 47K

Min. load (Z): 1Ω

Power Bandwidth: min. 35Khz

Frequency Response:  0-50Khz  

SNR: 133dB

PSRR: 70dB

Gain: 26 dB

Output noise: 18µV

CMRR: 55db all frequency

Maximum output current: 48A


Inputs: balanced (XLR) + unbalanced (RCA)

Mains: 190-250Vac (95-130Vac on request)

Casing: full hi grade aluminium 

Measurements: 435x320x99mm (on request faceplate 19")

Weight: 9 kg

Buffer stage

Op-amp 1: Texas Instruments OPA1612 

Op-amp 2: socket DIP8*

Voltage regulators LDO: Texas Instruments TPS7

Discrete voltage regulators: Hypex HxR 

* Sparkos SS3602, Sonic Imagery  994Enh-Ticha

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