Class D mono power amplifier based on the PURIFI 1ET400A module. The switching power supply is  the Hypex SMPS1200A400. The i / o board is the special high performance ROUGE NCX2 that allows the choice between operational IC (OPA1612) and discrete components, the mounting of HxR voltage regulators. Balanced input (XLR).

Very high quality amplifier, with analog sound and incredible performance. Analytical and transparent but at the same time capable of controlling the low frequencies with great control and authority.

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This power amplifier is equipped with the NCX2 i/o board which offers  the possibility of adding discrete op-amps and voltage regulators.

The NCX2, in default, always uses the OPA1612 in the buffer stage, perhaps among the best IC's on the market for transparency and clarity of sound (without adding color), whose power is entrusted to the small and fast TI TPS7 voltage regulators ( LDO).

Basically, therefore, the same circuit as the previous NCX.


The new feautures, which makes NCX2 unique, is that it is nevertheless designed to add a discrete op-amp  on DIP8 and the Hypex HxR audiophile voltage regulators.

This "addition", however, does not replace the default setting of the circuit and its basic components (OPA1612 + TI TPS7) since, by moving the appropriate jumpers on the board, the user can always choose and select in any moment the combination (operational-voltage regulator) he prefers:

  • OPA1612 with TPS7 voltage regulators,

  • OPA1612 with HxR voltage regulators,

  • discrete op-amps with TPS7 voltage regulators,

  • discrete op-amps with HxR voltage regulators.


ADI2 FS RME + Rouge Alauda MB-5