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Class D stereo power amplifier based on  Pascal L-PRO2S board with UMAC™ technology. Self contained SMPS power supply with UREC™ technology which provides  a variable current supply according to the power required. The input buffer board is the  Rouge PRO-XS, thanks to which it is possible to switch the amplifier in mono/stereo mode. Stable and linear even with low impedance loads. Balanced and unbalanced inputs selectable via switch.

In BTL mode the module is able to deliver a lot of power and this makes it suitable also for subwoofer applications.


The Rouge PRO-XS front end board allows the use of both balanced and unbalanced inputs, as well as the possibility to choose between mono or stereo configuration (choices selectable via appropriate switches).  

The input impedance is 47Kohm. The buffer stage is entrusted to four ICs, two  THAT 1200 line receivers and two OPA1662 op-amps. 


Pascal L-PRO2S + Rouge PRO-XS

Technical specifications

Output power: 2X1200 (2,7Ω), 2X800 (4Ω), 2x400W (8Ω)

Output power BTL: 2500W (4Ω), 1500W (8Ω)

Distorsion THD + N: 0,003% 

Input impedance: 47K

Min. load (Z): 2Ω

Dynamic range 120 dB(A) 

Idle noise 54 μV(A)  

Gain: 27 dB

​Intermodulation distortion (CCIF): 0,0008%

Maximum output current: 40A


Inputs: balanced (XLR) + unbalanced (RCA)

Binding posts: WBT 0703cu Nextgen

Mains: 190-250Vac (95-130Vac on request)

Casing: full hi grade aluminium 

Measurements: 280x330x99mm 

Weight: 6 kg

Buffer stage

Op-amps: Texas Instruments OPA1622 

Line receiver ICs: THAT 1200

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