Four channel class D power amplifier ICEPOWER 1200AS2 based.  The ICEPOWER 1200AS2 combines a PFC type SMPS power supply with two high power and quality class D amplifiers. It does not require the addition of external interfaces since the buffer on board ensures an adequate input impedance. The ALAUDA XS 2400 has 2 x ICEPOWER 1200AS2 boards in an hi-grade 3U full aluminium chassis. You can have, as optional, the signal sense control to power on  the ALAUDA automatically when the signal is detected on the XLR inputs. Shaffner EMI/RFI filter. Internal mains wiring based on screened Supra LoRad MKII cable. Input balanced connectors: XLR Neutrik gold plated.  WBT binding posts. Van Den Hul CS-16 output wiring.


  • Output power two channel driven: 2x1200W (4Ω), 2x600W (8Ω)

  • Output power four channel driven: 4x700W (4Ω), 4x600W (8Ω)

  • Distorsion THD + N (1W/1kHz) = 0.005 %

  • Minimum load impedance = 2.7 Ω

  • Dynamic range = 129db

  • SNR = 135db

  • Frequency Response  3hz-50Khz  

  • Voltage Gain 25,8db

  • Input Impedance 38Kohm 

  • Output idle noise (A) = 25mV

  • Maximum output current 38A

  • Universal Line Input Voltage: 95-250Vac


CHASSIS: silver anodized aluminium 19" (rack mounting)

SIZE: 482.6x320x120mm (3U)

INPUT: only balanced (4xXLR)

OUTPUT: 8 binding posts WBT