Four channel class D power amplifier ICEPOWER 1200AS2 based.  The ICEPOWER 1200AS2 combines a PFC type SMPS power supply with two high power and quality class D amplifiers. It does not require the addition of external interfaces since the buffer on board ensures an adequate input impedance. The ALAUDA XS 2400 has 2 x ICEPOWER 1200AS2 boards in an hi-grade 3U full aluminium chassis. Shaffner EMI/RFI filter. Internal mains wiring based on screened Supra LoRad MKII cable. Input balanced connectors: XLR Neutrik gold plated.  WBT binding posts. Van Den Hul CS-16 output wiring.


2 ch

2 x 1200


2 x 600


4 ch

4 x 700


4 x 600


2 x Icepower1200AS2

Technical specifications

Max Output power 2ch: 2x1200W (4Ω), 2x600W (8Ω)

Max Output power 4ch: 4x700W (4Ω), 4x600W (8Ω)

Continuous output power:  2x290W (4Ω), 4x145W 

Maximum output current  = 38A + 38A

Distorsion THD + N (1W/1kHz) = 0.005 %

Minimum load impedance = 2.7 Ω

Dynamic range = 129db

SNR = 135db

Frequency Response:  3hz-50Khz  

Voltage Gain: 25,8db

Input Impedance 38Kohm 


Inputs: balanced (XLR) 

Binding posts: WBT 0703cu Nextgen

Mains: Universal mains, auto select (100-240 V, 50-60 Hz)

Casing: full hi grade aluminium

Measurements: 482.6x330x133mm (19")

Weight: 9kg