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AMS 0100-2300

The AMS 0100-2300 is a stereo Class D amplifier with switching self contained power supplies. Despite the reduced power (2x25W RMS into 8Ω) its sound quality is of the highest level, with a deep bass and a good extension on the medium-high range reproduced with a typical sweetness of a class A amplifier. The board can still work in BTL achieving an output power of 120W RMS at 6Ω. The only limit is represented by the loads: in SE configuration the minimum impedance is 3Ω, while in BTL configuration, the minimum impedance is 6Ω. At lower loads, if you pump up the volume, the amplifier goes into clipping. Therefore, before choosing this amplifier, you should keep in mind the impedance of the speakers that are going to drive.

ANAVIEW AMS 0100 2300
  • 2x50Wrms into 4Ω,

  • 2X25Wrms into 8Ω

  • 120Wrms BTL into 6Ω @ 1% THD

  • Patented AMS (adaptive modulation servo) amplifier technology

  • 100kHz load independent frequency range (-3dB)

  • 12.5kohm input impedance

  • Almost flat THD vs frequency

  • 115dB dynamic range

  • Output impedance <10mΩ from 20Hz to 20kHz

  • Differential inputs with 0.1% resistors for improved CMRR

  • Automatic voltage doubler for universal mains

  • Meets ErP and Energystar