AMS 1000-2600

The AMS 1000-2600 is a stereo Class D amplifier with a switching self contained power supply. This is the elder brother of the AMS 0100-2300 but doesn't have any impedance problems on low loads (at 2Ω is able to deliver 500W RMS per channel). This module can work in BTL mode with an output  power up to 900W RMS into 4Ω. Precise and clear sound, deep bass. No background noise.

  • 2x500Wrms into 2Ω

  • 2X300Wrms into 4Ω

  • 2x170Wrms into 8Ω

  • 900Wrms BTL into 4Ω @ 1% THD

  • Patented AMS (adaptive modulation servo) amplifier technology

  • 14.5kohm input impedance

  • Almost flat THD vs frequency

  • 115dB dynamic range

  • Meets ErP and Energystar

The AMS 1000-2600 has power and sound quality at the same level of nCore Hypex of which can be considered a direct competitor. This amplifier board is a perfect companion for driving studio monitors. For this reason the Amphion AMP100 is based on this board.

  • Hi-end  stereo and multichannel amps 

  • Hi-end theatre solutions

  • ​Monitor loudspeakers for recording and mastering studios

  • Active loudspeakers

  • Single Drive Subwoofers (BTL)

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