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All our products have a two-year guarantee starting from the delivery date. Within this period, if the product has malfunctions, we must be promptly notified via email. In this case, the product must be returned within a maximum of 15 days and we will evaluate the condition and cause of the damage, proceeding to repair it. If the product is damaged by itself or in shipping, and not through negligence, intentional damage or misuse, the customer will not be charged for repair or replacement.
If the product needs to be repaired after the warranty period, we can arrange the repair free of charge. Only the price of the damaged parts to be replaced and the cost of shipping will be charged to the customer. We can help diagnose a faulty product or identify if the product is really damaged or just plugged in correctly, but we cannot repair the product remotely over the phone or email due to circuitry complexity, lack of tools and parts on the customer side and certainly the risk involved with high voltages present. For a complete and professional  repair the product must be sent back.
No refund is recognized when the warranty period has expired, when the product has been damaged intentionally or through negligence, when the malfunction has been caused by  unauthorized modifications.

For B2C purchases, please carefully consult the conditions of sale on the checkout page.

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