D-CELL 504

The D-Cell504 is an incredible mix of power and technology you wouldn't expect in such a small and lightweight amplifier: with 2x350W available at 4Ω, bridgeable to have 700W on a single 8Ω load with astonishing sound clarity, the D-Cell504 has already proven to be a wonderful solution for a very wider range of applications, from small-mid power professional loudspeakers to studio monitors, home cinema systems, musical instruments, powered mixers and even hi-fi applications.The D-Cell504 is made of two incredibly compact units – power supply and 2-Channel output stage – each one measuring just 100x78x45mm, guaranteeing easy mechanical integration and the ability to fit almost any possible design.Limited size doesn't mean limited capabilities: the D-Cell504 power supply can drive two 2-Channel amp units, permitting multi-way configurations in a ridiculous amount of space. Both output channel pairs are bridgeable, so that you can drive 3-way systems as well as 2-way bi-amped or symmetrical loads with higher power even at higher impedance.Compactness and flexibility are the keywords even when looking at the DSP solution for the D-Cell504: in fact, the output stage is also available with an integrated 2in/4out DSP on board, a powerful tool to shape the audio signal and to apply the dynamic processing needed to make the most of your speakers still keeping them safe.

  • Output power 4 Ω = 2 x 350W

  • Output power 8 Ω = 2 x 190W

  • Line voltage 90V - 264 V

  • Gain 32 dB (voltage gain x40)

  • Output noise: 50 µVRMS (unbalanced) 90 µVRMS (balanced) 

  • Input sensivity  0.94V / 1.70dBu

  • Input max  level 15 dBu

  • Frequency response 20 Hz - 20 kHz (±0.5 dB) 1 W, 8 Ω

  • Signal to noise ratio> 100 dB (20 Hz - 20 kHz, A weighted)

  • Crosstalk separation> 70 dB @ 1kHz

  • THD+N< 0,005 % from 0,1W to full power

  • IMD SMPTE < 0,005 % from 0,1W to full power

  • IMD DIM100 < 0,001% from 0,1W to full power

  • Input impedance 10 kΩ balanced

  • Slew rate30 V/µs  8 Ω, input filter bypassed

  • Damping factor> 1000 @ 100 Hz

The output stage is also available with an integrated DSP 2in / 4out, a powerful tool for shaping the audio signal and applying dynamic processing needed to extract the maximum from the speakers and at the same time keeping them safe. To this end the Powersoft has also realized the special control software called HARMONY pro audio suites.

  • Stand alone power amplifiers (stereo)

  • Multiway system

  • Subwoofer (BTL)

  • Biamplifications