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The Hypex Electronics is a company with headquarters in the Dutch town of Groningen. Although the range of their products is very diversified, the Hypex is most famous for the Class D amplification modules. The Hypex  was one of the first companies to believe in the potential development of this amplifier class, realizing that this could be the future of high fidelity: low power consumption, a theoretical yield of 100%, and ample opportunities for sound improvement in the future. Thanks to the genius of Eng. Bruno Putzeys, now considered one of the greatest experts in digital amplification, the Hypex has developed and produced the UCD series and, later, the nCore series. Today, many high-end amplifiers quite expensive are based on Hypex modules. Even the latest digital NAD, BELCANTO and JEFF ROWLAND amplifications were developed in collaboration with the Hypex.

The nCore series has more advanced technology than UCD and a reference sound quality in Class D. It includes the following OEM modules:  NC500NC1200, NC2K

From the month of October 2016 we provide additional nCore models that form the new NCxxxMP series.

It is a range of nCore mono and stereo amplifiers with built-in switching power supply. The main distinguishing features are the flat frequency response regardless of the load impedance, low levels of distortion at each frequency and reduced EMI emissions. The NCxxxMP series also includes an HF module to add an additional channel dedicated to amplification of high frequency signal (tweeter).