The new L-PRO2S module is essentially the evolution of the well-known S-PRO2 and M-PRO2 modules. Of the first it has  the small dimensions, the great musicality and the ability to drive low loads (2.7ohm) of the second it has the powerful and the sound clarity. Also in this case, as for the other modules, the excellent electronic performances, the simplicity of the design, the ease of integration, the stability and the quality of the audiophile sound, make this new amplifier a competitor of the most performing class D amps today on the market produced by Icepower (1200AS2) and Hypex (NC2K). The possibility of being used in BTL (mono) makes it even more versatile and powerful.


  • Output power SE: 2x1200W (2.7Ω), 2x800W (4Ω), 2x400W (8Ω) 

  • Output power BTL: 2500W (4Ω), 1500W (8Ω)

  • Peak output current 40 A

  • THD+N (1kHz @ 1W) 0.003 %

  • Dynamic range 120 dB(A)

  • Idle noise 54 μV(A)

  • Universal mains regulated power supply with PFC using Pascal’s URECTM power supply technology

  • Full protection scheme

  • Safety approved and verified for EMC compliance 

The new L-PRO2 represents a new standard in power density for Class-D power amplification, as the world’s smallest 1500 W RMS amp module. Great power, sound clarity and stability even on low loads, put it at the top of the range in high end subwoofer or HT solutions (thanks to the reduced dimensions). The technical implementations we made concern the PRO-XS input buffer board.


This input buffer board allows the use of both balanced and unbalanced inputs, as well as the possibility to choose between mono or stereo configuration (selectable by switches). Furthermore, in BTL configuration, it is possible to select the power supply according to the load impedance of the loudspeakers, thus obtaining the maximum from the amplifier module. This is because the L-PRO2S module, in BTL configuration, is optimized to work on 8Ω loads. When lower loads are used, instead, our circuit allows, through a special selector, to optimize the integrated PSU. The XLR connectors are Neutrik gold plated while the RCA connectors are Elecaudio ER106 gold plated. The input impedance is 47Kohm. The buffer stage is based on four ICs, two THAT 1200 and two OPA1612. The sound is very open, clear and transparent. 

To the PRO-XS is also possible to add other input boards such as active filters and auto mute systems. It also has clipping and mute indicators for each channel.

  • Hi-end  mono and stereo amplifiers

  • Hi-end home theatre solutions

  • Active loudspeakers

  • Single Drive Subwoofers (BTL)