The M-PRO2 module can be considered a powerful professional stereo amplifier but with hi-end sound quality. The board has an integrated "UREC" switching power supply and two high-performance "UMAC" Class D amplification stages. The high damping factor (> 1000) guarantees excellent low frequency control. The power supplied is impressive (2x800W on 4ohm and 2x400W on 8ohm) and in BTL it reaches 1400W on 8ohm! The distortion levels are very low (0.003%). The minimum impedance is 4Ω and therefore the M-PRO2 module is not suitable for driving speakers having a lower nominal impedance.

  •  Output power: 2 x 800W (4Ω) 2 x 400W (8Ω)  

  • Peak output current 21 A

  • THD+N (1kHz @ 1W) 0.003 %

  • Dynamic range 120 dB(A)

  • Idle noise 55 μV(A)

  • Output impedance (1kHz) 6 mΩ

  • Fully protected high efficiency URECTM switch mode power supply with auto selectable mains, enabling hassle free worldwide operation. 

  • Pascal proprietary UMACTM Class D optimized amplifier power stages   

The M-PRO2, although designed for professional audio applications, has found an amplifier with extraordinary sound characteristics. The fact that it does not have an input buffer stage leaves the manufacturer the possibility of making it to shape the signal according to the needs of use. For this reason we have developed the PRO-XM input buffer board.


This board allows the use of both balanced and unbalanced inputs (selectable by a toggle switch). The XLR connectors are Neutrik gold plated and the RCA connectors are Elecaudio ER106 gold plated. Both pairs of connectors are soldered directly onto the board. The input impedance is 47Kohm. The buffer stage is based on two THAT 1200   (as balanced line receiver ICs) and two OPA 1611 (as op-amps). Thanks to this input buffer board the performances of the M-PRO2 module are considerably improved and more suitable for an audiophile use. The bass is deeper and more controlled, the sound is clear and open. This is the Audio Precision APx525 sequence report.

  • Hi-end  stereo amplifiers

  • Active loudspeakers

  • Professional top-end solutions