The choice of the amplifier board is the first step for realize a custom power amplifier. To this end you will need to consider the following factors:
1) the load impedance of the speakers that you want to drive, expressed in Ohms;
2) the power that you need, espressed in watts;
3) the impedance of the input signal, expressed in Ohms;
4) the operating class.

In particular, as regards the operating class, in this site we propose the most important ones: the analog class AB and the two digital classes D and T. The different techniques of amplification of the signal mode of course affect on a series of elements as costs, harmonic distortion levels, the footprint, efficiency, power, and so on. The digital classes, for example, are characterized by very high efficiency for which it is possible to obtain high power even with relatively small modules and free of heavy containers and huge heat sinks. The class AB, on the contrary, produces heat that must be dissipated properly and in general their power supply is of the linear type (toroidal transformer + PSU): for these reasons you need to have a big enclosure. About the noise differences between different amplification classes it is difficult to provide a valid objective description and the listening experience is the only real element that can influence and determine the choice.

For the less experienced, our staff is always available for any kind of advice in this regard. Requests may be made by mail at no additional cost.