The MODULUS 86 is a class AB solid state amplifier, characterized by a phenomenal audio quality and very low distortion levels.

The Modulus-86 is a composite amplifier providing true world class performance. This performance level is reached by using a high-performance audio op-amp to perform error correction on a high-power chip amplifier. The Neurochrome composite amplifier topology results in a high-performance chipamp-based amplifier with vanishingly low distortion and phenomenal sound quality.

The Modulus-86 is a turnkey high-performance analog subsystem. It achieves state of the art performance using readily available off-the-shelf parts. The Modulus-86 uses an LME49710 precision audio op-amp to control an LM3886 power amplifier. An OPA2277 precision op-amp is used as a high-end DC servo with third order filtering for an ultra-low output DC offset and fast settling time. The DC offset is less than 200 µV and is reached within ten seconds of power-up. A THAT1200 differential receiver provides common-mode rejection rivaling that of a line transformer, thus, minimizing hum injection by eliminating ground loops in the signal path.

This amplifier can provide a truly remarkable audio performance comparable to high-end electronic  on a price range of 4000-5000 euro.

At  8Ω loads this is the distorsion level: 0.000061% THD (1W, 1kHz) 0.000067% THD (40W, 1 kHz); 0.00038% THD + N (40W, 1 kHz).
loads this is the distorsion level:: 0.000067% THD (1W, 1kHz) 0.000067% THD (65W, 1 kHz); 0.00041% THD + N (65W, 1khz).

  • Channel: 1

  • Output power: 64W (4Ω) / 40W (8Ω)

  • THD (8Ω): 0.000061% (1W, 1kHz); 0.000067%(40W, 1kHz); 

  • THD+N (8Ω):  0.00038 % (40W, 1kHz)

  • THD (4Ω): 0.000067% (1W, 1kHz); 0.000067 % (65W, 1kHz); 

  • THD+N (4Ω): 0.0004% (65W, 1khz)

  • IMD (SMPTE and DFD): 0.00069%.

  • Output noise: 33 uV RMS (20 Hz - 20 kHz, A-weighted). 

  • Inter-channel crosstalk: -120 dB 

The power supply can be linear or switching. For both configurations the Nerochrome provides the appropriate modules.


The Power-86 Power Supply Board is a companion board for the state of the art Neurochrome composite amplifiers. The intended use is for one Power-86 board to power two Modulus-86 in a stereo amplifier. It is also possible to use one Power-86 board to power a mono block or, with a slight reduction in peak output power, more than two Modulus-86. Gold plated circuit board. Made in Canada.


The SMPS-86 is a switch-mode power supply intended as a simple turnkey power supply solution for LM3886-based amplifiers, such as the Modulus-86. It uses two sealed switch-mode power supply modules to provide ±24 V. Offering 120 W of continuous output power, it is designed power a stereo Modulus-86 amplifier for audio reproduction. 

For the linear power supply we use SUPREME AUDIO GRADE V2 toroidal transformers.


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