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Finally, Hypex makes the famous NC1200 available for the OEM market, the top of the line in the class D series with very high performance Ncore technology. Currently considered one of the best digital amplifiers on the market, capable of expressing a three-dimensional sound, detailed and crystalline but at the same time "warm" like the best class A tube amplifiers. For a long time this board was sold and reserved only for some renowned manufacturers. Very similar in sound setting to the younger brother NC500, it differs in particular for the great ability to control even with low loads without alteration of dynamics. Power is high and distortion levels almost non-existent.


- Ouput power: 1200W (2Ω),  700W (4Ω), 400W (8Ω)

- Distorsion THD + N: 0.004% (20Hz <f <20kHz, 4Ω.  Pout <PR / 2)

- Power Bandwidth typ  20-35Khz

- Frequency Response  0-50Khz  (+ 0 / -3dB. All loads.)

- Voltage Gain 27.8db
- DM Input Impedance 94Kohm
- SNR 128db
- PSRR 80db
  Output noise 20mV
  CMRR 65db all frequency
- Maximum output current: 40A