New high-performance mono class D amplifier module. Derived from the famous and award-winning NC1200 (expensive and sold for years by Hypex only to some renowned manufacturers), it outclasses it in power while maintaining the same ultra high end audio qualities. With its 2500 W on 4 ohms with just 0.002% of harmonic distortion and a background noise of just 18µV, the new NC2K stands at the top of its class in sound power and refinement.


- Ouput power: 2000W(2Ω), 2500W (4Ω), 1600W (8Ω)

- Distorsion THD + N: 0,002% (20Hz<f<20kHz, 4Ω. Pout<PR/2)

- Power Bandwidth min. 35Khz

- Frequency Response  0-50Khz  (+0/-3dB. All loads.)

- Voltage Gain 20db
- DM Input Impedance 14,7Kohm
- SNR 133db
- PSRR 70db
- Output noise 18µV

- CMRR 55db all frequency
- Maximum output current: 48A

This amplifier, designed for the OEM market, does not have an input buffer board in order to leave the manufacturer the possibility to make it according to his needs. To this end we have created the NCX2 with which it is possible to achivie the best qualities of this module through the various combinations of voltage and operational regulators.



The NCX2 is our new high-performance i / o board designed for the Hypex NC500, NC1200 and NC2K modules. Gain: 26dB. Input impedance: 47Kohm.

The NCX2, in default, always uses the OPA1612 in the buffer stage, perhaps among the best IC's on the market for transparency and clarity of sound (without adding color), whose power is entrusted to the small and fast TI TPS7 voltage regulators ( LDO).

Basically, therefore, the same circuit as the previous NCX.

The new feautures, which makes NCX2 unique, is that it is nevertheless designed to add a discrete op-amp  on DIP8 and the Hypex HxR audiophile voltage regulators.

This "addition", however, does not replace the default setting of the circuit and its basic components (OPA1612 + TI TPS7) since, by moving the appropriate jumpers on the board, the user can always choose and select in any moment the combination (operational-voltage regulator) he prefers:

  • OPA1612 with TPS7 voltage regulators,

  • OPA1612 with HxR voltage regulators,

  • discrete components operational with TPS7 voltage regulators,

  • operational components with discrete components with HxR voltage regulators.


POWER SUPPLY. To power each NC2K amplifier module it is necessary to use the appropriate switching PSU Hypex SMPS3KA700.

HYPEX SMPS3KA700 High Line Input Voltage: 190-250Vac, Low Line Input Voltage: 95-130Vac, Output Voltage: 2x85Vdc, Max. Output power at 230Vac: 3600W.  Switching Frequency: 100kHz   

  • Hi-end powerfull amplifiers

  • Hi-end theatre solutions

  • High power monitor loudspeakers for recording and mastering studios