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The NCx500 OEM amplifier module is a very high quality audio power amplifier operating in class D. It is an implementation of the well-known NC500  module with improvement on every parameter, both acoustic and instrumental. Equipped with a buffer stage with HxR voltage regulators, the new NCx500 is the first model produced by Hypex of the new NcoreX series.  


- Ouput power: 700W(2Ω), 700W (4Ω), 380W (8Ω)

- Distorsion THD + N: 0,0006% (20Hz<f<20kHz, 4Ω. Pout<PR/2)

- Power Bandwidth min. 35Khz

- Frequency Response  0-75Khz  (+0/-3dB. All loads.)

- SNR 136db
- PSRR 85db

- Gain (buffered): 26,8 dB

- Gain (unbuffered): 11,5 dB
- Output noise 7
- CMRR 65db all frequency
- Maximum output current: 28A