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The RI-ND cable is a digital coaxial cable (S / PDIF) based on Neotech NEVD-2001 technology. This is a cable specifically designed for the transmission of digital audio and video signals. Since the characteristic of the digital audio / video signal is the transmission of very high frequencies, a coaxial design cable with a characteristic impedance of 75 ohm is used to minimize signal loss, which provides a wide bandwidth to reduce jitter and give the highest resolution. The central "driver" conductor is pure silver (0,64mm) with quadruple shielding: insulation in Physics Foam Polyethylene, Cu-Mylar Screen Foil, microporous PTFE and finally SP-OFC braided shield.

  • Pure Silver Conductor
  • Physics Foam Polyethylene Insulation
  • Cu-Mylar Screen Foil
  • Microporous PTFE
  • SP-OFC Braided Shielding

The cable is terminated with the RCA WBT 0152Ag 75ohm reference connectors with the body built in brass subsequently plated in platinum and single point contacts in pure silver. These connectors ensure a bandwidth of over 200Mhz!




Via the clamping device which functions like a drill chuck, the external contact of the plug once inserted is firmly fixed to the RCA socket. The maximum contact pressure not only provides a secure connection, but also minimizes the transition resistance. Thanks to the two-piece locking sleeve, the sleeve cone does not rotate while the locking sleeve is tightened and thus the contact elements are not exposed to torsion pressure. Furthermore, in this way the dimensional inaccuracies of the external contacts of the female sockets are compensated. The central pin is grooved and slightly bent upwards and thus guarantees with its stable spring a long-lasting safe electrical connection with the lowest possible transition resistance. The metal connector body is obviously electrically decoupled from the central contact block and is made of as little metal as possible so that the WBT-0152 Ag is also free from eddy current to a large extent.

The soldering are made with MUNDORF M-Solder Silver Gold tin (Eutectic Alloy Tin-Copper-Silver-Gold without Lead and Cadmium).


The cable is then covered with a black cotton sheath.

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