RI-NS1 - semi-balanced configuration (RCA-RCA)
RI-NS2 - balanced configuration (XLR-XLR)
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The RI-NS cable, both in balanced and semi-balanced configuration, is a HI-END analog signal cable assembled with original high-level components.


The RI-NS is based on the NEOTECH NEI-3001 MKIII,  a Hybrid four-conductor cable using one un-plated solid core and one multi-gauge stranded UPOCC conductor which has both silver plated and un-plated strands per pole. The conductors are spaced in the cable using PE air tubes, which is all then wrapped Teflon tape, and then double shielded. UPOCC copper conductors & Polyethylene insulation produce a very balanced and natural sound. This cable uses Al-Mylar & OFC braided shielding for external shielding. The external screen is in PTFE which prevents the transmission of electric and static discharges. Conductor Gauge: Each pole has  1x22 AWG (0.76mm) UPOCC solid core Copper conductor and 1x22 AWG (0.76mm) multi-gauge stranded UPOCC Copper and Silver plated copper conductors.

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The termination of the cable, given its particular geometry, requires time and experience. The welds are made with MUNDORF M-Solder Silver Gold tin (Eutectic Alloy Tin-Copper-Silver-Gold without Lead and Cadmium).

The outer sheath, produced by the German MDPC, is in PET-X and ensures great resistance to abrasion and UV rays.


The cable is terminated with the RCA WBT 0512 cu Nextgen reference connectors. The standard version is covered with a Blackest-Black colored PET-X sheath. On request it can be obtained in other colors (Carbon-Gold, Carbon-BTI, Gran-Blue).

As this is a directional cable, when connecting the RCA sockets, attention must be paid to the direction of the signal path indicated by the arrows on the sheaths.


The basic element influencing the sound quality of the WBT-0152 Cu is the central contact unit which has been developed exactly as for the WBT-0110 Cu plug model: minimum mass of highly pure copper signal conductors. Copper was chosen as one of the best electrical conductors providing not only ultra fast signal transmission but also excellent fine resolution. This metal is obviously nickel-free gold plated, so that the surface does not oxidize and this would affect the quality of the contact. The WBT-0152 Cu has a transmission bandwidth of up to 200 MHz which is far greater than the transmission bandwidth of conventional RCA sockets. By means of the clamping device which functions like a drill chuck, the external contact of the plug once inserted is firmly fixed to the RCA socket. The maximum contact pressure not only provides a secure connection, but also minimizes the transition resistance. Thanks to the two-piece locking sleeve, the sleeve cone does not rotate while the locking sleeve is tightened and thus the contact elements are not exposed to torsion pressure. In addition, dimensional inaccuracies of the external contacts of the female sockets are compensated for. The central pin is grooved and slightly bent upwards and thus guarantees with its stable spring a long-lasting safe electrical connection with the lowest possible transition resistance. The body element is made of brass (nickel-free gold plated) to accept rigid and particularly thick cables. The metal connector body is obviously electrically decoupled from the central contact block and is made of as little metal as possible so that the WBT-0152 Cu is also free from eddy current to a large extent.

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The cable, in the RI-N2 balanced configuration, is terminated with the high-end XLR OYAIDE FOCUS 1 connectors with direct silver plating (1.5μ) and rhodium plating (0.3μ) of the three conductor pins in phosphor bronze.

The standard version is covered with a Blackest-Black colored PET-X sheath. On request it can be obtained in other colors (Grand-Bleu, Carbon-BTI, Red-Carbon).

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