RI-NS1 - semi-balanced configuration (RCA-RCA)
RI-NS2 - balanced configuration (XLR-XLR)
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The RI-NS cable, both in balanced and semi-balanced configuration, is a HI-END analog signal cable assembled with original high-level components.


The RI-NS is based on the NEOTECH NEI-3001 MKIII,  a Hybrid four-conductor cable using one un-plated solid core and one multi-gauge stranded UPOCC conductor which has both silver plated and un-plated strands per pole. The conductors are spaced in the cable using PE air tubes, which is all then wrapped Teflon tape, and then double shielded. UPOCC copper conductors & Polyethylene insulation produce a very balanced and natural sound. This cable uses Al-Mylar & OFC braided shielding for external shielding. The external screen is in PTFE which prevents the transmission of electric and static discharges. Conductor Gauge: Each pole has  1x22 AWG (0.76mm) UPOCC solid core Copper conductor and 1x22 AWG (0.76mm) multi-gauge stranded UPOCC Copper and Silver plated copper conductors.

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The termination of the cable, given its particular geometry, requires time and experience. The welds are made with MUNDORF M-Solder Silver Gold tin (Eutectic Alloy Tin-Copper-Silver-Gold without Lead and Cadmium).

The outer sheath, produced by the German MDPC, is in PET-X and ensures great resistance to abrasion and UV rays.