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The RI-NS cable, both in balanced and semi-balanced configuration, is a HI-END analog signal cable assembled with original high-level components.


The RI-NS is based on the NEOTECH NEI-3001 MKIII,  a Hybrid four-conductor cable using one un-plated solid core and one multi-gauge stranded UPOCC conductor which has both silver plated and un-plated strands per pole. The conductors are spaced in the cable using PE air tubes, which is all then wrapped Teflon tape, and then double shielded. UPOCC copper conductors & Polyethylene insulation produce a very balanced and natural sound. This cable uses Al-Mylar & OFC braided shielding for external shielding. The external screen is in PTFE which prevents the transmission of electric and static discharges. Conductor Gauge: Each pole has  1x22 AWG (0.76mm) UPOCC solid core Copper conductor and 1x22 AWG (0.76mm) multi-gauge stranded UPOCC Copper and Silver plated copper conductors.

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The termination of the cable, given its particular geometry, requires time and experience. The welds are made with MUNDORF M-Solder Silver Gold tin (Eutectic Alloy Tin-Copper-Silver-Gold without Lead and Cadmium).

The outer sheath, produced by the German MDPC, is in PET-X and ensures great resistance to abrasion and UV rays.

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The cable, in the RI-N2 balanced configuration, is terminated with the high-end XLR OYAIDE FOCUS 1 connectors with direct silver plating (1.5μ) and rhodium plating (0.3μ) of the three conductor pins in phosphor bronze.

The standard version is covered with a Blackest-Black colored PET-X sheath. On request it can be obtained in other colors (Grand-Bleu, Carbon-BTI, Red-Carbon).


Oyaide FOCUS 1 XLR Plugs

We enhance our product quality by paying careful attention to each detail of structural characteristic, texture and appearance. Only when such details are integrated successfully, a product is completed perfectly. At Oyaide, we spare no effort in spending time for those creative works. It took a whole year to complete "FOCUS 1" XLR connector since the first product planning. The design is inspired by an appearance of lens on a camera which represent subtle and exquisite sound image of FOCUS 1. As a result of integration of high-quality sound and efficient design, a masterpiece XLR plug, FOCUS 1, was produced by uncompromising spirit and technical know-how of Oyaide Electric.  


One-touch push-pull function is the entirely-new locking system. You can lock Just by inserting FOCUS 1 into the inlet and unlock by pulling the tip ring. Ball bearing system, manufactured by ultraprecision machining, is employed for its locking mechanism. These functions deliver smooth and absolute plug connection.

In addition, an innovative idea is utilized for the contact of FOCUS1. The No.1 contact pin (earth) is 3mm longer than other pins, so that it contacts fast for the purpose of protection from POP noise at the moment of connection.

Furthermore, bladed cable clump is employed for cable fixture. By applying this clumping system, it is possible to connect chassis ground and stabilize cable simultaneously.


The contact pins of FOCUS 1 are made from phosphor bronze bar which is precisely shaped by CNC machining. After careful machine barreling, silver (inner) and rhodium (outer) are directly plated on them. Then, these pins are molded into highly rigid 30% glass filled PBT which insures high-speed vibration attenuation.
The body and housing, processed by CNC machining, are high-density and have high shielding performance compared to an existing lost-wax processed body. For its surface treatment, hard chrome plating is coated like a body of camera.


Due to its 12mm install cable OD (when cable bushing is removed), it gives infinite possibility to do-it-yourselfers. And its tapered insertion hole makes cable installation easier and avoids from cable disconnection by bending.
Furthermore, a rubber ring which is installed at the junction of the body and housing acts as vibration damper and loosening protector.


The design of FOCUS 1 is inspired by an appearance of lens on a camera which projects subtle and exquisite image.
For the identification of channel L and R, the SWAROVSKI rhinestones, blue and red, are enchased on the surface of its body.

The beauty of its body design and a brilliance of SWAROVSKI enhance the appeal of this product and produce a sense of expectancy.


  • Contact Pin: deoxidized Phosphor Bronze

  • Insert Resin: PBT 30% GF

  • Housing Shell: Brass (RHoS compliant)

  • Cable Clump: Brass (RHoS compliant)

  • Contact Pin: Silver plating (1.5μ) + Rhodium plating (0.3u)

  • Surface finishing

  • Cable Clump: Nickel plating

  • Housing shell: Hard chrome plating

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