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The RI-V cable is a balanced signal cable assembled with original high-grade components. The RI-V is based on the Van Den Hul D-102III (3T improved), a triple hybrid with a very high shielding factor. In addition to the silver-plated Crystal OFC high purity copper, the cable also features conductive carbon fiber and a few strands of the acclaimed new 3T (True Transmission Technology) conductor .


The cable is sheathed with PET-X sheath and terminated with gold-plated NEUTRIK XLR connectors.


Sound characteristics: its sonority can be effectively described as pure, clean and with a marked three-dimensionality, with a very high resolution.


The cable needs 70 hours of running in.



  • The 2 center conductors are made of 40 dense and very pure silver coated strands made of a very high grade Matched Crystal (MC) OFC. Over each center conductor an extra Linear Structured Carbon® (LSC) saturated layer is applied.This extra layer of LSC highly improves the quality of the signal transmission by performing electrical bridging on micro-scale and by converting the external magnetic field close to the conductors into an electrical signal again.

  • 4 strands of 3T have been applied into the design. 3T: True Transmission Technology offers a much higher resolution and detail compared to any other metal technology used so far.

  • The resistance of each center conductor is 5.5 Ohm / 100 meter.

  • The capacitance between the 2 internal conductors is a very low 37 pF / meter; in balanced operation, even in rather high impedant circuitry, the overall losses and / or phase-shift remain very low.



semi-balanced version with Ramm Audio RCA connectors