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The S-PRO2 module was launched on the market by Pascal Audio in 2013. In December of the same year the Danish company made significant upgrades to this module bringing it to greater power and stability on low loads. The S-PRO2 has  represented an important step forward in the design of Class D amplifier modules especially for professional active loudspeaker systems. Thanks to a remarkable miniaturization of the circuits, the S-PRO2 with its small size (215mm x 80mm x 25mm) is the smallest 1000W amplifier available on the market.  Added to this are the excellent electronic performances, the simplicity of the design, the ease of integration, the stability and  audiophile sound quality.

  • Output power SE: 2x725W (2.7Ω), 2x490W (4Ω), 2x245W (8Ω) - 2Ω load stable

  • BTL output power: 1050W (4Ω), 900W (8Ω)

  • Peak output current 30 A

  • THD + N (1kHz @ 1W) 0.003%

  • Dynamic range 120 dB (A)

  • Idle noise 40 μV (A)

  • Output impedance (1kHz) 14 mΩ

  • Universal mains regulated power supply with PFC using Pascal's URECTM power supply technology

  • Full protection scheme

  • Multiple readouts (temperature, amplifier output  voltage, clip limiter, amplifier protect / mute,  VAC, peak)