Dual mono class D power amplifier based on two Hypex mono modules of the NCxxxMP series with self-contained switching power supply. The modules use the well-known Ncore technology thanks to which the amplifier is ultra-linear, has levels of noise and distortion that are almost non-existent (even lower than those typical of classes A or A / B of very high quality) and also can manage the harder loads thanks to ultra-low output impedance.


Proprietary control board with low voltage management of  power relays.  


Passive front end boards with XLR and RCA input connectors selectable by switch.  


Possibility to add DC input for remote control via trigger.  


Schaffner mains filter.


VDH CS-16 high purity OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) power hook-up wires in star quad configuration.

The amplifier, depending on which module is based, can be made in 2 different versions: N3B based on 2 x Hypex NC250MP and N3C based on 2 x Hypex NC500MP