Class D stereo power amplifier based on  Hypex module of the new NCxxxP series with self-contained switching power supply. The modules use the well-known Ncore technology, thanks to which the amplifier is ultra-linear, has noise and distortion levels that are almost non-existent (even lower than those typical of the A class or A / B of the highest quality) and can also manage the more difficult loads thanks to an ultra-low output impedance. Balanced inputs.

The amplifier, depending on which module you choose to use, can be made in three different versions.

VERSIONE B - modulo NC252MP


  • Max ouput power: 2x180W(2Ω), 2x250W (4Ω), 2x200W (8Ω)

  • Distorsion THD + N: 0,0015% (20Hz<f<20kHz, 4Ω. Pout<PR/2)

  • Power Bandwidth 20-35Khz

  • Frequency Response  10hz-50Khz  (+0/-3dB. All loads.)

  • Voltage Gain 25,5db

  • Input Impedance 47Kohm 

  • SNR 121

  • Output noise 30mV

  • CMRR 71db all frequency

  • Maximum output current: 17,5A

  • High Line Input Voltage: 190-250Vac

  • Low Line Input Voltage: 95-130Vac